Sunday, October 31, 2010


had some good partying last night, good food good friends, was great :D

anyways lots of games going crazy for halloween, im sure WoW is doing their candy thang.

Leauge of legends has a fun new map thats dark and spooky

But mine craft... oh man, the new changes are crazy

The nether level.. im not sure i can describe it... but with the music on, the terror alert level is past pants shittingly horrifying.. seriously, dont go into the place with your music on higher than a whisper. i never though a video game could be this terrifying, but holy crap. Ill try to get a video of it soon. ive been trying to build a for inside the nether block by block and keep getting blown up and screeming everywhere, needless to say, its going slow


  1. Can't wait for that video. I haven't bought Minecraft yet since I just don't have the time to dedicate to it... :/

  2. Happy day late Halloween, gladd you had a good time....looking forwards to seeing what the devs for Minecraft did for you guys,

  3. The new update is awesome and yeah agreed, it's terrifying.

  4. This game, If I had free time it would be eating it up!