Monday, October 11, 2010

Fraps? Also COMICS!

so i got fraps to work, quality pretty good- unfortunately its reccording in like 1minute videos, does anyone know how to fix this or string them together- i have have the cs5 suite but cant figure out how to string a bunch of small clips together in premiere or anything

i promise videos soon as i figure this out! haha

for now i shall leave you with some funnies!
my favorite web comics: (probably my fav because of the daily updates- everyone else gets lazy)   offensive humor- always great! usually daily so ++ also their flash animations are awesome check em video game comics are win one i just happened to stumble upon

and finnaly, now that ive collected everything for you.. whats that, OH GOD NO


  1. I always use fraps...good stuff.

  2. Are you using the free version of fraps? That would limit you to like 30 sec clips with a watermark.

    Also awesome comics!

  3. I use to use fraps, the movies took up so much memory though.

  4. Free version? That's the only thing I can think of. I'm sure you can torrent the real version and install a crack like I did back in the day.

  5. good comic, made me lol - i think fraps is a bit of a waste of time though.

  6. I used to fraps back in the old CS days, and the recently-old L4D days. In other news, check out the webcomic I found it yesterday, on referral from MuteFox... It's excellent. Read them until you can't stop.


  7. Amazing comics. Sorry about the fraps thing though. Not sure how that works.