Sunday, October 31, 2010


had some good partying last night, good food good friends, was great :D

anyways lots of games going crazy for halloween, im sure WoW is doing their candy thang.

Leauge of legends has a fun new map thats dark and spooky

But mine craft... oh man, the new changes are crazy

The nether level.. im not sure i can describe it... but with the music on, the terror alert level is past pants shittingly horrifying.. seriously, dont go into the place with your music on higher than a whisper. i never though a video game could be this terrifying, but holy crap. Ill try to get a video of it soon. ive been trying to build a for inside the nether block by block and keep getting blown up and screeming everywhere, needless to say, its going slow

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not enough time in the day :(

Man, i feel like its getting harder and harder to do even simple things, just so much to do its getting harder to keep up with it all. I suppose i should be giving up more video game time but its really the last thing i have left.

Anyways part two of my murderkaizer video is available if you enjoy a good stomping up around 1600 so far.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Domo Arigato Minecraft Roboto

Not much of my travels to post today, just got home from out of town, and been super busy- Working as a full time artist takes alot of daylight out of you. Maybe if people ask nicely ill post some of mah works.

Anyways some minecraft news in minecraft land. New patch is coming with awesome halloween goodies!

 also, if you still dont understand why mine craft is awesome, prepare yourself

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Minecraft River System!

Finally! sorry it took so long and that i didnt get it up last night, Youtube failed me hardcore after a 2 hour upload ><

Anyways, gosh the hype on this thing probably was a bit more than it should have been haha! Hope you like it, ill be doing some tutorial videos later- feel free to suggest anything you want me to do, or ask questions on this video.

Im headed out of town tonight for a small golf tournament and wont be back till sunday- so i may not have anything new up till monday

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Didnt finish my videos for minecraft- been super busy, should have them up tomorrow though!

Figured instead id share with you my favorite snacks.

English Muffins! these are the most ballin snacks ever- add some butter, and a bit of powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon- delicious

Cheese Nips- and cheese itz are garbage!

Doritos n cheeze! Mix cooler ranch with eazy cheese cans microwave for a few seconds. nom nom nom

Carnation Instant breakfast- great when you thirsty and only a little hungry- fills you up

Instant Quesidillias - thats probably incredibly spelled wrong, but a tortilla, some cheese and some precooked chicken are only seconds away from a delicious snack.

My microwave oven has a tiny grill on top- it is the most awesome appliance ever, i can make french toast whenever i want! 2 eggs- cup a milk some vinilla and a little flower, great quick treat P:

hope you enjoy- what are your favorite snacks?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fraps? Also COMICS!

so i got fraps to work, quality pretty good- unfortunately its reccording in like 1minute videos, does anyone know how to fix this or string them together- i have have the cs5 suite but cant figure out how to string a bunch of small clips together in premiere or anything

i promise videos soon as i figure this out! haha

for now i shall leave you with some funnies!
my favorite web comics: (probably my fav because of the daily updates- everyone else gets lazy)   offensive humor- always great! usually daily so ++ also their flash animations are awesome check em video game comics are win one i just happened to stumble upon

and finnaly, now that ive collected everything for you.. whats that, OH GOD NO

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Not much to share today, so i thought id post a few of my favorite flash games- not the mindless crap that gets released every week but stuff i really enjoyed playing

#1 Bubble tanks td- its not much different than a lot of tds, but for some reason this one sits far above the rest for me- maybe it was the difficulty of getting perfect on all the levels, but its worth a playthrough

2# The epicness that is Winterbells . I dont know if its how simple it is how how beautiful the art is at the same time, and the music is great too- but this game is super addictive, i break it out every christmass- i think my highest was something like 8-9billiln, good luck

-Fairly good rpg-ish zelda feel game Chibi Knight

- a weirdish fun td, kinda short Defend your honor!

 shift- one of the best concept games out there

another great concept flash game

feel free to recommend me some good ones!

got a copy of fraps installed, so hopefully tomorrow ill have minecraft videos