Sunday, October 31, 2010


had some good partying last night, good food good friends, was great :D

anyways lots of games going crazy for halloween, im sure WoW is doing their candy thang.

Leauge of legends has a fun new map thats dark and spooky

But mine craft... oh man, the new changes are crazy

The nether level.. im not sure i can describe it... but with the music on, the terror alert level is past pants shittingly horrifying.. seriously, dont go into the place with your music on higher than a whisper. i never though a video game could be this terrifying, but holy crap. Ill try to get a video of it soon. ive been trying to build a for inside the nether block by block and keep getting blown up and screeming everywhere, needless to say, its going slow

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not enough time in the day :(

Man, i feel like its getting harder and harder to do even simple things, just so much to do its getting harder to keep up with it all. I suppose i should be giving up more video game time but its really the last thing i have left.

Anyways part two of my murderkaizer video is available if you enjoy a good stomping up around 1600 so far.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Domo Arigato Minecraft Roboto

Not much of my travels to post today, just got home from out of town, and been super busy- Working as a full time artist takes alot of daylight out of you. Maybe if people ask nicely ill post some of mah works.

Anyways some minecraft news in minecraft land. New patch is coming with awesome halloween goodies!

 also, if you still dont understand why mine craft is awesome, prepare yourself

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Minecraft River System!

Finally! sorry it took so long and that i didnt get it up last night, Youtube failed me hardcore after a 2 hour upload ><

Anyways, gosh the hype on this thing probably was a bit more than it should have been haha! Hope you like it, ill be doing some tutorial videos later- feel free to suggest anything you want me to do, or ask questions on this video.

Im headed out of town tonight for a small golf tournament and wont be back till sunday- so i may not have anything new up till monday

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Didnt finish my videos for minecraft- been super busy, should have them up tomorrow though!

Figured instead id share with you my favorite snacks.

English Muffins! these are the most ballin snacks ever- add some butter, and a bit of powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon- delicious

Cheese Nips- and cheese itz are garbage!

Doritos n cheeze! Mix cooler ranch with eazy cheese cans microwave for a few seconds. nom nom nom

Carnation Instant breakfast- great when you thirsty and only a little hungry- fills you up

Instant Quesidillias - thats probably incredibly spelled wrong, but a tortilla, some cheese and some precooked chicken are only seconds away from a delicious snack.

My microwave oven has a tiny grill on top- it is the most awesome appliance ever, i can make french toast whenever i want! 2 eggs- cup a milk some vinilla and a little flower, great quick treat P:

hope you enjoy- what are your favorite snacks?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fraps? Also COMICS!

so i got fraps to work, quality pretty good- unfortunately its reccording in like 1minute videos, does anyone know how to fix this or string them together- i have have the cs5 suite but cant figure out how to string a bunch of small clips together in premiere or anything

i promise videos soon as i figure this out! haha

for now i shall leave you with some funnies!
my favorite web comics: (probably my fav because of the daily updates- everyone else gets lazy)   offensive humor- always great! usually daily so ++ also their flash animations are awesome check em video game comics are win one i just happened to stumble upon

and finnaly, now that ive collected everything for you.. whats that, OH GOD NO

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Not much to share today, so i thought id post a few of my favorite flash games- not the mindless crap that gets released every week but stuff i really enjoyed playing

#1 Bubble tanks td- its not much different than a lot of tds, but for some reason this one sits far above the rest for me- maybe it was the difficulty of getting perfect on all the levels, but its worth a playthrough

2# The epicness that is Winterbells . I dont know if its how simple it is how how beautiful the art is at the same time, and the music is great too- but this game is super addictive, i break it out every christmass- i think my highest was something like 8-9billiln, good luck

-Fairly good rpg-ish zelda feel game Chibi Knight

- a weirdish fun td, kinda short Defend your honor!

 shift- one of the best concept games out there

another great concept flash game

feel free to recommend me some good ones!

got a copy of fraps installed, so hopefully tomorrow ill have minecraft videos

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tired =\

wanted to post some awesome videos today, but lately ive just been feeling super tired. I spent all day trying to get some sort of video capture that wasnt blurry- i wanted to try some sort of live cast and have just had no luck with the quality. somehow i managed to spend all my energy on that, and im not sure how- it wasnt exactly exhausting work but i kind of just feel pretty low right now.

in other news i got pulled over on my way to get my car inspected- less than 5 miles from the shop for expired inspection. could this week get any worse? sometimes i feel like life just wants to keep you down, i can never seem to catch a break.

 anyways, i hope to have those videos up soon, anyone have any good ideas on how to stream with decent quality?

Monday, October 4, 2010

MoreCraft Minecraft

Minecraft minecraft, minecraft minecraft mine mine craft craft? Minecraft minecraft minecraft.... minecraft minecraft?!!!!

Have i gone minecraft insane? possibly- anyways i guess minecraft is what people are interested in right now so i thought id share a little bit of my save and some tips for those of you just starting-

Keep making a new save untill you get an interesting map! i settled on a snow map(snowballs are so fun!) with some cool looking hills.

First off- whenever you make a new save- go for stone tools! wood is a waste of time when cobblestone is so easy to get. What youll need: 4 blocks of wood. make some planks into a combo box, and then make a wooden pick- with this you can mine cobblestone and make stone tools this saves a bunch of time, and using wood tools seem completely pointless. Another note- never make gold tools, they are as bad as wood in terms of durability. Gold armor is just as terrible, but if you have a bunch feel free to make it- i havent found any use for gold yet so im just storing it in blocks for now- i hear its used as currency in multiplayer.

Your first house!  Build it in a tree! because why not! get a bit more wood- make a few ladder pieces, find a big tree- and climb up the base- hollow out the inside. this will keep you safe from wondering creepers blowing your house up or skeletons killing you. If you didnt manage to find any torches- you can still seal up your tree house and still see fairly well because leaves are fairly see through.

The first time you spawn in the game- dig a ditch around the block you spawn on- come back and mark it off- build a little hut with extra weapons inside incase you die. If you die in the middle of the night- you will spawn inside your house and be able to collect supplies to go on a corpse run!

Light up the night! Try not to work on your house at night as creepers tend to fall from the sky with little warning :( if you want to work at night put plenty of torches to keep them away

Find an open cave instead of digging one! i happend to come across an endless cave in my save on the other side of a hill from where i built- i havent found an end to this cave in over a week and a half- i have found at least 2 dozen diamond spawns, 7-8 spawner rooms and all the redstone and iron i could use!

Well thats what i have for tips, here are some pictures of my save- hopefully ill have a video soon.

This first one is of my waterslide im working on- your boat will actually fly through the air from falling watter

These next are from my awesome tree house- i grew more trees and am currently expanding it

Make an aquarium! this is probably one of my favorites- this pool will suck everything into it- and generally has bacon waiting in the bottom for me to collect- you can also trap a bunch of zombies in it :D

lastly- record players! you can get records by making a skeleton kill a creeper- just run them around untill they stand in front of each other and they will duke it out! youll be rewarded with a record that plays some fun music in your house

hope you enjoyed! video of my water ride to come soon!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


won my tourney! it was a huge stomping; maladykaizer owns face, maybe one day ill post a review on that, but for now- im the proud new owner of a copy of starcraft 2, so expect a review on that in the near future- you guys will have to let me know what some good custom mods to play are and how i should start off in the campaign

minecraft still awesome- my epic water slide is nearing completion, ill post some videos of my adventures in minecraft soon

league of legends- the experience

one of the reasons i wanted to give a bit more detail on league of legends is that im competing in a small 3v3 tournament this weekend! ive already won game one and the rest of my games are tonight. Im pretty excited, and while i think im probably going to win but just thought id share. Now its no where near thw WCG level, but considering how bad Asia got stomped in some of those games, maybe it is.

If you enjoyed wc3- or world of warcraft, but dont have the monumental amount time to you have to invest in such a game- maybe this game is for you. Its basically a 20minute mmo. You level up to 18 each game- get gold for killing things, and destroy the other teams base to win, sometimes it lasts up to an hour, but generally its won in under half. One of the things i disliked most about WOW, was the time investment and commitment required- if you werent on every night at the same times for raids, you were either kicked or looked over on loot. With LOL, you play whenever you want because matches are fast- you play with friends and it only requires up to 5 people. If you have a few friends that you just want to play with and cant seem to manage a guild in a mmorpg, i think you would enjoy this game.

But perhaps the best part of this game is how fun it is. Its fast paced and when your doing well you really enjoy the game. it has all the mechanics behind a MMORPG, without all of the time invested grinding and farming.

anyhoozle, hopefully my tourney will go well-

Friday, October 1, 2010

League of legends!

Im sure some of you have probably heard of this game by now- and if you have what im about to post probably isnt news to you- but the WCG Regionals(or nationals? i dont know what its called) are taking place right now! head on over to to watch the stream. Watch america kick chinas butt in a video game for a change.

Anyways if you havent heard of league, i suguest you try it out, you can watch the stream to get a good grasp on how the feel of the game is- mainly because its free to play, and despite this its pretty awesome. What i love about this game is it feels like wc3. The game genre is based of a wc3 map called DOTA and the graphics have a throwback feel that makes you reminisces of old times- ahh custom map goodness.

League of legends gets a sold B+ in my book- it looses points on how rough it is on new players and the community is generally stupid but the game-play is pretty fun, and its really close to balanced
Anyways going to be short for now, want to go watch the streams

Even More Minecraft!

i figured id talk just a little bit more about mine craft today. Ive been playing it pretty much all day for the past couple days. It really manages to just suck you into its tiny little world, well i guess its not really tiny at all- massive really. I think one of the most impressive things about this game is what its capeable of.

this is a video of a mega object of the enterprise- the level of detail in this project is just awesome, its seriously an incredible sight to see and know that this game can produce something as crazy as this.

The possibilities are practically endless, something i came across today- someone managed to build a working computer inside the game. the amount of planing that must have went into this is just unbelievable.

Anyways my work inside the game isnt as impressive but it sure is fun- ive been building a massive waterslide system that carries you from side of the map to the other- the boat mechanic in this game is pretty fun, especially when you send it flying through the air. Ive actually been spending so much time playing this i've kind of lost touch with everything so ill try to do some news tomorrow heh.