Thursday, September 30, 2010

My first blog! MINECRAFT! the epic new sandbox game

hey all- this is my first blog and figured this is probably a healthy habit to get into, and seeing as how everyone is doing it- i figured its something i could get into. Hopefully ill be posting something at least everyday, but who knows, maybe ill really like this. I'm going to use this blog for posting news that pertains to me and probably things that interest me as well- so its going to lean towards more of the technology/gaming side of current events.

Since i dont have any interesting news today ill start with a gaming topic-

If you haven't checked out minecraft yet, you should seriously consider doing so! Its an incredibly fun and addictive sandbox indie game based on mining and free building with a cool pixel-block based art style. Its incredibly fun and the maps are near infinite to explore as much as you want which is half the fun! The other half is building practically anything you want. Its on sale for $10, and more than worth it! Check it out here:

Thanks for reading!



  1. You should probably mention it's only in alpha phase, but I agree, it's an awesome game :) especially if you're bored in class lol

  2. it s really good and awesome in multiplayer

  3. minecraft is not my cup of tea :S

  4. Minecraft is very addictive, damn good game/

  5. Yup, I've been playing Minecraft since way back when it was just starting out.

    I remember how we used to have these tiny little square maps to play around with. They were pretty fun.

    These days, we've got maps that are literally larger than the earth!

    I really can't wait to see where Notch takes the game next.

  6. sounds like it was fun back then, the updates seem to be slow- i hope he does some more work soon. the multi-player especially feels like its missing something

  7. Yeah, SMP could use some tweaking still, but you have to give Notch credit for everything he has accomplished so far.

    I admit, I have been a tad annoyed with the lack of updated, but he's only one person. And he's trying to set up a company on top of developing a game.

    I am sure things will calm down and we'll be seeing regular updates soon enough.

  8. My friend just got me addicted to this damn game about a week ago. Pretty addicting i must say!